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2024, July 10 • Article, RCR Wireless News

The Olympics PTT service will be prioritized over other voice traffic on the 4G network to ensure reliability

"Orange, which is an official partner and supplier of the Paris Olympics Games 2024, will use a Push-To-Talk (PTT) service over its 4G voice network for the upcoming games being held in France this summer, [...].

The PTT service will be prioritized over other voice traffic on the 4G network to ensure reliability and will be used by event volunteers, the Olympic committee, security services, athletes and their teams and those ensuring health and safety."


2024, July 3 • Article, The Critical Communications Review

Australian National Emergency Agency to Issue RFI on Public Safety Mobile Broadband

"The Australian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) today provided a notice for an upcoming Request for Information (RFI). The RFI will be for Australia's Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB) capability/network solution. "


2024, July 2 • Article, Urgent Communications

France readies public-safety broadband use during Olympics, prepares for nationwide transition in 2027

"Public-safety broadband communications in France will be utilized—on a limited basis—later this month when the country hosts the Summer Olympics, with nationwide coverage scheduled to be operational by the end of the year and migration from an LMR system expected in 2027, according to a French official."


2024, June 25 • Article, The Critical Communications Review

Public Safety End Users in Finland to Test New Critical Communications Broadband Network

"In Finland, they are approaching a significant turning point in the timeline of critical official communication: the current Virve narrowband TETRA network will change to Virve 2 broadband services by the end of 2028."


2024, April 1 • Article, RCR Wireless News

T-Mobile US launches mission-critical PTT service

"T-Mobile US noted that its new PTT offering will be commercially available in April. In a release, the U.S. telco said that the T-Mobile MCPTT service is integrated with the Motorola Solutions’ Critical Connect service to make it easier for agencies and businesses to get redundancy and end-to-end encryption with secure messaging, emergency alerts, ambient listening and role-based management."


2024, February 13 • Press Release, Ericsson

MSB strengthens Sweden’s national critical network with 5G from Ericsson

"The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has procured a 5G core network from Ericsson to develop Rakel G2, Sweden’s critical communications network for public safety and emergency services including national defense purposes."


2024, January 30 • Article, Urgent Comms

FirstNet Authority approves investment to evolve FirstNet to full 5G capabilities

"FirstNet Authority board members today voted unanimously to fund the completion of the FirstNet system’s ability to deliver full 5G services to public-safety subscribers, although the exact amount of the investment and an implementation schedule were not shared immediately."


2024, January 26 • Article, Urgent Comms

AT&T says FirstNet provides more than 5.5 million connections to about 27,500 agencies

"FirstNet provides more than 5.5 million connections to approximately 27,500 public-safety agencies subscribing to the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) as of the end of 2023, according to figures released yesterday by AT&T, the FirstNet Authority contractor tasked with building and maintaining the system."


2024, January 17 • Article, Urgent Comms

3GPP begins Release 19 work for public safety as Release 18 progress continues

"The 3GPP Plenary meetings took place Dec. 11-15, 2023, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Participants made continued progress on Release 18 (R18) features of interest to public safety. The Plenary meetings also included planning for Release 19 (R19) features, and the start of preliminary discussions for Release 20 (R20)."


2024, January 12 • Article, Urgent Comms

FCC to consider new outage-reporting rules, soliciting comments on FirstNet, deployable usage

"FCC commissioners this month are scheduled to consider new rules regarding the Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) and the Network Outage Reporting System (NORS), as well as a proposal seeking comments whether FirstNet should have reporting obligations and whether deployable coverage should be reported."


2023, December 13 • Article, Urgent Comms

FirstNet Authority validates AT&T completion of initial NPSBN five-year buildout

"AT&T completed its initial five-year buildout of the FirstNet nationwide public-safety broadband system (NPSBN)  “on time, on budget,” based on validation by FirstNet Authority personnel conducted throughout much of this year, according to FirstNet Authority Board President."


2023, June 29 • Article, Urgent Comms

FirstNet Authority CEO reflects on first 100 days, shares vision for future

"With the foundation of a dependable network, the longtime vision of connected responders can become a reality, ...

That means responders being connected to drones, drones being connected to helicopters, helicopters being connected to boats—information flowing all the way around, but we are making it consumable, in that we are making data-driven decisions in dangerous situations."


2023, February 28 • Press Release, Intrakat

Intrakat to implement mobile coverage at 14 airports on behalf of Hellenic MNOs

Intrakat has undertaken the implementation of a mobile phone signal coverage project on behalf of the country's major telecommunication providers, at the 14 regional airports managed by Fraport Greece.

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2023, January 24 • Blog Post, LightReading

MC-PTX interworking for critical communications

One of the main drivers of MC-PTT market growth can be attributed to the 3GPP standardization efforts. Governments gain several important benefits by making standards the basis for PTToC deployments. In particular, standards-based approaches facilitate roaming and interoperability and benefit from economy-of-scale advantages.


2023, January 18 • Press Release, Intrakat

Athens Metro mobile coverage pilot project

Intrakat undertook the implementation of the pilot project for the internal radio coverage of the stations and tunnels in the section of Athens Metro Line 2, from Agios Dimitrios to Elliniko, on behalf of all telecommunications providers.

With this project, metro passengers will enjoy full 5G mobile signal coverage both in the stations and on the tracks.

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2023, January 16 • Press Release, COSMOTE

COSMOTE 5G coverage exceeded 80%

COSMOTE 5G nationwide population coverage exceeded 80%.

Population 5G coverage has reached 97% in Athens and exceeded 90% in Thessaloniki and other 37 cities throughout Greece.

90% has been set as the nationwide population coverage target for 2023.

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2023, January 12 • Press Release, STA.SY

STA.SY is proceeding with Athens Metro mobile coverage

STA.SY is proceeding with the start of the project of covering the stations and tunnels of the Athens Metro lines with a mobile phone signal up to the 5th generation (5G).

This is a project that in its first phase - until March 2023 - will be a pilot with the aim of finding the best technical solution, which will then be applied to the entire network.

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2022, December 11 • Athens-Macedonian News Agency

"5G in a box" Emergency deployable infrastructure

London South Bank University Cognitive Systems Research Center Head, Tasos Dagiuklas, speaks about, in the event of a fire in a remote area, firefighters, without specialized technical knowledge, be able to deploy a local 5G communication infrastructure plus make use of a satellite link to communicate with the Operations Center.

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2022, November 21 • CriticalComms

Latest in critical LMR, Broadband, and Control Centres

The Australian Critical Communications Forum (ACCF) hosted a pre-conference Comms Connect workshop on 2022, October 18, covering the future of LMR with LTE, 4G, and 5G networks both public and private.


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